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The selected



Close to the endless blue sky – that is where the vines from which these fine wines come are grown. A sublime delight for all the senses.


Only ripe grapes from the best hillside vineyards. The utmost care is taken in the production process, leading to a marvelous pleasure for all the senses.




Ritterhof VERUS Weissburgunder

VERUS South Tyrolean Pinot Blanc DOC

» VERUS - The genuine « Authentic in taste, and in manifestation. Particularly appreciated for decades for its articulated personality.

13.5 % vol.

Ritterhof OPES Pinot Grigio

OPES South Tyrolean Pinot Gris DOC

» OPES - The rich one « Complex and nuanced. From the first sip, its multifaceted personality fascinates all senses.

13.5 % vol.

Ritterhof AURATUS Gewürztraminer

AURATUS South Tyrolean Gewürztraminer DOC

» AURATUS - The golden « A wine as precious as gold. In every aspect. The native variety Gewürztraminer is spicy and aromatic in a particular way.

14 % vol.

Ritterhof PARATUS Sauvignon

PARATUS South Tyrolean Sauvignon DOC

» PARATUS - The feisty one « Ripe and resolute. The age of the vines and the location of the vineyards are the makings of this well-primed wine of striking quality.

13.5 % vol.

Ritterhof NATUS Souvignier Gris

NATUS Souvignier Gris IGP Mitterberg

» NATUS - The chosen one « Full-bodied on the palate, ripe and complex on the nose. Its animating freshness gives this PIWI variety a long-lasting and elegantly balanced mouthfeel with a fine finish.

14 % vol.

Ritterhof NOVIS Kalterersee

NOVIS South Tyrolean Lago di Caldaro DOC - native vine

» NOVIS - The new antique « Always associated with the Caldaro lake, however, is uncovered with the courage to innovate. The wine obtained from native schiava grapes, is perfect for every occasion.

13.5 % vol.


Red Cuvée IGT Weinberg Dolomiten

» PERLHOFER - The balanced « Combines the best qualities of three grape varieties into a harmonious uniqueness. This is the secret of being successful.

13 % vol.

Ritterhof LATUS Lagrein

LATUS South Tyrolean Lagrein DOC - native vine

» LATUS - The complex « The autochthonous Lagrein is as versatile and powerful as the country in which it grows. Expressive and diverse, this wine is one of South Tyrol like no other.

13 % vol.

Ritterhof MOLLIS Merlot

MOLLIS South Tyrolean Merlot DOC

» MOLLIS - The delicate « A flatterer of the senses. The harmony between the grapes creates elegance and expresses sophisticated lightness.

14 % vol.

Ritterhof GRATUS Cabernet Sauvignon

GRATUS South Tyrolean Cabernet Sauvignon DOC

» GRATUS - The caressing « Citizen of the world, welcome guest on the sunny slopes of South Tyrol. It stands out for its grace and refinement.

14.5 % vol.

Ritterhof RAMUS Cabernet-Merlot

RAMUS South Tyrolean Cabernet Merlot DOC

» RAMUS - The versatile « A combination which impresses with its value. For those who love eclecticism and balance, it’s the perfect choice.

14 % vol.

Ritterhof DIGNUS Blauburgunder

DIGNUS South Tyrolean Pinot Noir DOC

» DIGNUS - The estimated « He is the king of wines, honorable and dignified. Sophistication and high quality applies his appearance. Clearly, he is one for special moments.

14.5 % vol.