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Masters of Taste

The most awarded Italian distillery

Today, more than 75 years after it was founded, the Roner family stands for Italy's most awarded distillery. Our products stand out in the most internationally renowned tasting competitions. But perhaps more important than these awards are the satisfaction and loyalty of our guests.


Evaluated by master distillers and experts

All distillates are first evaluated by appearance, that is, color and clarity. Then comes the sensory: the fragrance, purity and typicality. Finally, the taste: the harmony of flavors, the sensations on the palate, the aftertaste.

A big compliment and thank you to master distiller Helmut Oberhofer and his team, which with great sensitivity and passion brings out the frangrance and taste of the fruit and grape marc in an incredibly intense way in every bottle.


The Oscar goes to... Williams Reserv & La Gold

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial

A total of 1.400 spirits from 54 countries compete to win a silver, gold or grand gold medal. Sixty professional judges taste and evaluate. The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is an international tasting competition that has been held in a different country each year since 1994. The purpose of the competition is to evaluate exclusively the quality of spirits, without any conditions of label design, price or category prestige. The competition is part of the most important international events in the industry and is often referred to as the Oscars in the international spirits world. Roner Distilleries is one of the big winners.

🥇 🥇 Williams Reserv – Grand Gold + Revelation Spirits Selection 2022

🥇 🥇 La Gold – Grand Gold + Revelation Spirits Selection 2020

🥇 Caldiff – Gold 2020

Williams Reserv has been classified once again among the TOP 10 spirits worldwide by all the Great Gold Medalists 2022, the so-called "Revelation Spirits Selection", a selection of innovative products that meet today's customer needs and in this sense particularly represent current trends.

At the Concours Mondial De Bruxelles 2020 La Gold was also rated the best of all grappas and came in the top 10 of all spirits worldwide in the competition.

Concours Mondial
The award winners in detail

Williams Reserv

From 9 kg of South Tyrolean pears

Roner Williams Reserv (1x 0,7l) - South Tyrolean pear brandy, traditionally distilled in South Tyrol by the most awarded distillery in Italy

42 % vol.
Serve at 5°C

La Gold

Grappa of the Year 2019 and 2020

Roner La Gold (1x 0,7l) - Grappa of the year 2019 and 2020, aged in barrique barrels, traditionally distilled in South Tyrol by the most awarded distillery in Italy

40 % vol.
Serve at 18°C

Caldiff: Fruit distillate of the year 2020
La Gold: Grappa of the year 2019

International Spirits Award

Almost 1.000 spirits from all over the world compete in the renowned Meininger International Spirits Award ISW. A 67-strong expert jury evaluates the products in a blind tasting.

At the International Spirits Competition ISW 2020, our Caldiff Privat was awarded Fruit Distillate of the Year, the highest award that a fruit brandy can receive. A personal satisfaction, especially for President and Caldiff lover Andreas Roner, who grows the Gravenstein apple himself.

In 2014 Roner received the title "Fruit distillate of the year" for our Williams pear distillate. In the marc distillates product category in 2019, Grappa La Gold by Roner was named the absolute winner from all gold medal winners. In this way, La Gold placed itself at the pinnacle of quality among international pomace spirits.

In 2010, Roner received the most awards in the ISW competition for its products and was voted “Distillery of the Year” by the jury.


The award winners in detail

Caldiff Privat - Aged Gravensteiner apple distillate

Three years of aging, Solera method

Roner Caldiff Privat in single carton (1x 0,5l) Fruit Brandy of the Year 2020 - Gravensteiner Apple Brandy matured for 3 years, traditionally distilled in South Tyrol by the most awarded distillery in Italy.

43 % vol.
Serve at 18°C

First award-winning Amaro from South Tyrol

World Spirits Award

Of all international competitions, the WSA is certainly one of the highest-quality spirits awards with highly qualified tasters and the world's top league of distilleries.

The K32 Amaro is based on a secret recipe from alpine medicinal herbs. Its rich and fascinating bouquet of bitter notes, rounded off by fresher and pleasantly sweet sensations, convinced the jury.

Roner is the first distillery from South Tyrol to win gold at the World Spirits Award for its Amaro.



The award winners in detail

K32 Amaro - Bitter

WSA 2020 gold medal winner as the first South Tyrolean bitter

Roner K32 Amaro (1x 0,7l) - South Tyrolean alpine herb liqueur, traditionally distilled in South Tyrol by the most awarded distillery in Italy

32 % vol.
Serve at room temperature

Most medals in Italy

Concorso Alambicco d'Oro

At the Concorso Alambicco d'Oro of Assaggiatori grappa e acquaviti - ANAG, the oldest and most important Italian tasting competition, in 2020 Roner received the highest total points score and most medals, making it the only distillery to secure the special prize for the most medals in Italy.


Internationally awarded

International Wine and Spirits Competition

The IWSC International Wine and Spirits Competition is one of the world's largest and most influential tasting competitions, held in London since 1970. Roner sets another milestone here.

🥇 Again it is our Caldiff who won gold in 2020 with 95/100 points.

🥇 Gold in 2020 also goes to our Williams Reserv with 95/100 points.

Our Williams Reserv was already at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London in 2010 not only awarded as the best Williams distillate, but also as the world's best fruit distillate.


Gold for Rum R74 und Z44

Bartender Spirits Award

Roner took gold at the Bartender Spirits Awards in San Francisco for 🥇 Z44 Distilled Dry Gin and 🥇R74 Rum Aged, an international recognition in the bar industry.

Roner scored highly on all aspects of the judging: mixability, balance and versatility, taste, mouthfeel and finish as well as packaging and price.

Of all the participants from Italy, Roner achieved the highest rating.



The award winners in detail

Z44 Distilled Dry Gin

Z44 Distilled Dry Gin (1x 0,7l) - Gin with pine cones, traditionally distilled in South Tyrol by the most awarded distillery in Italy

44 % vol.
Serve at 11°C

R74 Rum Aged

Aged 5 years

Roner R74 Rum Aged in single carton (1x 0,7 l) - Rum made from molasses, distilled and aged by Roner in Tramin, the most awarded distillery in Italy.

40 % vol.
Serve at room temperature

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