Distillery Roner, Termeno: grappa, spirits and liqueurs from South Tyrol!




Gift Sets

  1. Alpine Gin & Tonic

    ***New summer product***2 x Z44 Distilled Dry Gin 0,05l 44% vol.2 x Limestone Tonic Water 0,2l in a shiny gift box A complete kit of tonic and gin in the correct doses to bring you an excellent Gin Tonic directly to your home. With our "Alpine Gin & Tonic" kit, you will be the bartender of the evening: a perfect gift idea for those who want to create a small corner bar or simply for Gin Tonic lovers: MIX IT WITH MAXLimestone Tonic Water is the only tonic water produced in South Tyrol. It is an organic product with an elegant sweetness and subtle bitter notes, which pairs perfectly with the balsamic Z44 Distilled Dry Gin. 
  2. Calendario di Avvento

    24 mignon assortiti di distillati, liquori e grappe corredati da etichette numerate e decorate per le bottigliette e nastro. Per creare il calendario di avvento come lo volete. NON montato!
  3. Calendario di Avvento Z44

    Calendario di Avvento composto da 24 mignon Gin Z44 + adesivi + nastro decorativo Per creare il calendario di avvento come lo volete. NON montato!
  4. Confection Mignon Nr. 1 Grappa & Distillati

    Grappa dell'Agricoltor, Grappa La Gold, Williams, Obstler - Apple distillate, Waldhimbeergeist - raspberrie spirit
  5. Confection Mignon Nr. 3 - Liqueurs

    Marille (Apricot), Prugna (Pulm), Limoncello (Lemon), Myrtillo (Blueberry), Holler Sambo (Elderflower)
  6. Gin Tonic Lover - set

    Confezione regalo contenente: 1 Z44 distilled Dry Gin 0.7l 1 Jigger in cristallo 2 Thumbler alti in cristallo 1 Libretto cocktail
  7. KIKU Apple Gin

    A unique gin from the Dolomites apples (in gift box)*** World novelty ***With the KIKU Apple Gin you hold a very special gin in your hands. It is not just a gin that tastes great and is ideal for mixing, but sip after sip, it will take you on a fascinating journey through the South Tyrolean mountains. The main protagonists are the juicy KIKU apple from the Dolomites and a variety of Mediterranean and Alpine botanicals. The idea of distilling an apple as London Dry Gin and imitating its taste with botanicals is unique in the world. The research and development behind KIKU Apple Gin took two years. The result is impressive, its exotic taste accompanied by crunchy and juicy sweetness generates emotions never experienced before.
  8. KIKU Apple Gin & Tonic - gift set

    for all the Gin Lovers!KIKU Apple Gin & Tyrol Tonicgift set in wooden box1 x KIKU Apple Gin by Roner 0,5L, 42% 2 x Tyrol Tonic Water from South Tyrol 0,2L1 x Crystal glass jigger for mixing 1 x Cocktail recipe sheet for KIKU Apple Gin (includes Gin & Tonic, Apple Mule, White Negroni and more)1 x Wooden case with wood shavings and dried apples as decoration Enjoy the Dolomites, wherever you are.From a lush and luxuriant nature comes the fresh and pure KIKU apple of the Dolomites! From this wonderful fruit, we created the first and only KIKU Apple Gin! A heart of honey, a unique taste, to be fully enjoyed with Tyrol Tonic, the South Tyrolean tonic water for a perfect Gin & Tonic!
  9. Magnum Personalizzata - Grappa invecchiata

    Prestigiosa grappa invecchiata La Gold in bottiglia magnum in cassetta di legno con personalizzazione laser per il proprio messaggio, o una data! Le verrà inviato bozzetto della grafica per approvazione. Bottiglia con elegante versatore e cassetta in legno incluso.
  10. Negroni@Home - gift set

    Set Negroni@Home composto da: 2 Thumbler bassi in cristallo RCR Cristalleria Italiana 1 Jigger / bicchierino in cristallo RCR Cristalleria Italiana 1 Vermouth GW o KS 0.7 l a scelta 1 Z44 Distilled Dry Gin 0.7 l 1 Libretto cocktail Z44 1 Confezione natalizia in cartone rosso
  11. Set componibile 2 Sinfonie

    Set 2 Sinfonie in scatola rossa elegante - immagine indicativa
  12. Set componibile 3 Sinfonie in scatola

    Set 3 Sinfonie in scatola- immagine indicativa
  13. Set componibile Sinfonie & 2 bicchierini

    Set sinfonie con due bicchierini in scatola rossa elegante
  14. Taste of Südtirol - set regalo

    Set Taste of Südtirol composto da: 1 Bauernschnaps 0.7 4 Kaminwurzn IGP Mendel (circa 200 gr) 1 Pezza di Speck IGP Mendel (circa 400 gr) 1 Confezione di Schüttelbrot (pane di segale croccante) Seppl’s 1 Confezione Natalizia in cartone rosso
  15. Williams gift set

    1 bottle of Williams Christ pear fruit distillate - 2 glasses - 1 can of small Williams pears