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Il nostro negozio e´aperto anche di domenica, durante i mesi di Settembre e Ottobre. Quindi affrettati e vieni a provare tutti i nostri prodotti.

Unser Shop ist Sonntags auch für Sie offen, aber nur in September und Oktober, also komm doch und probier unsre Weine und Spirituosen.

Our shop is open Sundays too, throughout September and October. Come and try some of our premium Spirits&Wines!


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Z44 love story...

once upon a time, a beautiful princess met a lovely prince...

See the full fairy tale love story here!



mixing vermouth

Atypical Vermouths for grat Summer cocktails!

Did you know Vermouth is in almost 80% of all Cocktails??

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Summer Time - Cocktail time!!

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And the winners are...

Also this year we got several gold medals and are so proud about them!!
Our classic Williams pear destillate and La Gold grappa, the unique Weissburgunder grappa and our innovative products from mixology Z44 distilled dry gin and aged R74 Rum were awarded.

best gold small

Pomace distillate of the year 2019 international

La Gold grappa invecchiata by Roner

The ISW-Meiniger International Spirit Award 2019 goes to the distillery Roner. The Grappa La Gold invecchiata is pomace distillate of the year 2019 international.

The Grappa La Gold aged is one of the great classics at Roner and convinced the jury of experts. It is the most outstanding product and stands up to the top quality of the international pomace brandies. The Grappa La Gold invecchiata is made from a delicate composition of the first-class pomace of Gewurztraminer, Vernatsch and Blauburgunder-Pinot Noir. The aging in oak barrels makes this fine Grappa unique and completes the typical aroma of South Tyrolean Grappa. At the 16th ISW nearly 1,000 spirits from around the world were presented. The expert panel of 67 judged the products in a covert tasting. In a commission of 5-6 jurors each, the products were subjected to rigorous testing. They are evaluated first by appearance, that is by color and clarity. Then the senses are used: the smell, the cleanliness and the typicality. Finally, there is the tasting: the harmony of the flavors. In the product category pomace brandy, the Grappa La Gold by Roner was the absolute winner of all gold medal winners. The Roner family is pleased about this award and is proud of their "excellent" quality products, which can be purchased in the Roner Shop as well as in selected retail shops in South Tyrol.

mailing K32 2

K 32: The new era of Amaro...

Many different traditional alpine medicinal
herbs are elegantly combined in K32. It begins
with the traditional and typical aromas of
mountain meadows as chamomile and lemon
balm and with the stimulating freshness of
mint. Next come the more robust notes of
alpine woods such as juniper, gentian and
the pleasant bitterness of licorice. Gentle
and round aromas are given from the floral
notes of cornflower and heather. Finally, the
bitter notes are sustained and rounded by the
pleasant freshness of the citrus fruits. The
skillful combination of several herbs leads to an
innovative Amaro: full but not intrusive bitter
taste, pleasant sweetness, roundness and
captivating aromas.

2018 auszeichnungen alles

and the winners are...



Auszeichnungen Herbstweb senza logo


and 2018 is the golden year!!!



gin con 4 medaglie

Z44 distilled Dry Gin got 4 medals!!



 2018 auszeichnungen 22

And the winners are...

2018 apperas to be a lucky year!!!

Till now our products were reawardet 10 times!
HEre the list!

Distilled Dry Gin Z44
   2018 Destillata Gold Special 
   2018 International Review of Spirits - Chicago Gold - 94 Points 
   2018 WSA Gold
Grappa Blauburgunder Invecchiata
   2018 Destillata CLass winner Grappa & Brandy 2018  
   2018 WSA Gold
Ambra La Morbida
   2018 WSA Gold 
La Morbida
   2018 WSA Gold
R74 Rum White
   2018 WSA Gold 
   2018    WSA Silver
Williams Christ Birnenbrand 
   2018 WSA Silver
Vermouth GW
   2018 Destillata Silver